Product designer at Intuit, building intuitive invoicing and payments solutions for small businesses.


Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail

Led design for a new “freemium” QuickBooks product as a growth channel for newer, simpler businesses. Partnered closely with Google, building alongside their team on the new Gmail add-on platform. (2017)

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eBay Mobile

eBay 4.0

Designed version 4.0 of eBay’s mobile app suite, unifying the iOS and Android experiences. Introduced a homescreen architecture that showcased a new way to browse content on eBay. (2015)

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eBay 5.0

Designed version 5.0 of eBay’s mobile app suite, taking learnings from 4.0 to optimize specific user workflows, enhance the UI, and embrace platform conventions to create a more intuitive and scalable system. (2016)

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